Personality is the essence of design. Each person’s individuality should be personified in his business, office, home and in his everyday life. Being a designer, it is my responsibility to establish and create for each client a distinct and unique style while staying clear of preconceived definitions. It is the designer that has to feel, sense and inspire, it is the designer who must provide a refreshing look and feel to a space. 
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Gershon Tsur connects his Israeli clientele to the quality and traditions of international design capitals as well as to the best that local design has to offer.

The studio manages two areas closely linked and complementary of each other :

  1. We plan, design, and cater to both private and corporate clients, working on residential and business spaces alike, from start to finish.
  2. We handle the personal import of selected brand luxury furniture from Europe’s consummate design capitals.

We provide professionalism and exceptional taste in both areas, carefully heeding and cooperating with our clients, to create the perfect space and flawless style specifically commissioned. The studio is not bound by definitions of style and/or fleeting trends. We believe in timeless aesthetics which continue to serve our customers over time.

Tsur’s vast experience provides innovation, creativity, and with his instinctive manner he is able to manifest the personality and style of each client. Tsur is loyal to materials and textures. He balances between all elements with a strong sense of aesthetic to create functional spaces of the highest quality, tailored precisely to customer’s needs.

The studio uniquely combines personality, individual style, professionalism, creativity and attention to detail. Tsur handles all projects from initial planning and up to the selection of even the smallest accessory. He creates a pleasant and enjoyable working environment throughout the entire process for all concerned.

Tsur’s profound knowledge of the international design scene is the result of maintaining personal connections with many of Europe’s elite brands during many years. This enables him to exclusively import select furniture and accessories from some of Europe’s most prestigious houses such as: Ascension Latorre, Coleccion Alexandra, and Camus Collection, companies that also produce meticulous handmade furniture, paying careful attention to small, unique and personalized details, characterized by exceptional style and a faithful long-standing local tradition.

Our customers include leading architects and designers, as well as private and corporate clients for whom we provide the perfect solutions to suit precise needs. Fittings and furnishings imported by the studio along with personal style combine culture, creativity, materials and textures that result in enduring classic design, the qualities of which will be integrated accurately in any space and which will enrich it  with a touch of international flavor.

Telephone: +972-50-6856568
Facebook: Gershon Tsur – Luxury Furniture
HaSolelim, POB: 337, 17905, Israel

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