” For me, interior design is life design. The space around us needs to serve us and to benefit us, our family, our business. We need to feel comfortable in this space and it needs to project our personal style and character. Proper design, where special attention has been afforded each detail, can significantly influence our life, improve it and even open possibilities before us that we did not even know existed. In my eyes, this is the power of design 
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The calling for design happened when I was quite young, and my gut instinct led me to develop it, sharpen the senses and to visit design showrooms in Israel and abroad. My professional career began by way of international exhibitions and personal acquaintances with professionals, materials, textiles, textures and colors. I worked for 15 years as the head of “Pitaro Hecht” in Israel, absorbing and learning the field inside and out, from the actual selling floor. I learned to understand what quality is, what space means, and how to combine materials and shades of colors that are not obvious matches. I visited many of the top global shows and handled the import of exclusive furniture and accessories from the most prestigious companies around the world. Being given carte blanche to plan and design Pitaro’s showroom, I made use of the space daring to be different, yet with class and distinction, in order to rouse the imagination and senses of potential customers.

After 15 years in Pitaro I looked for new challenges where I could combine my knowledge, experience and acquaintance with inspiring international brands with my great love for design, aesthetics and creativity. I decided to formally study Interior Design and after completing my studies I decided to open my own interior design studio which today handles a diverse range of challenging projects, including the personal import of furniture and accessories from Europe.

I am a people’s person, and each project as far as I am concerned is a shared endeavor. After a, thorough assessment of the needs and habits of the client, the studio staff and I jointly brainstorm in search of original and creative options. Our working process with clients is personal and transparent and it takes place in a fun and pleasant atmosphere, so that the project is a mutually shared and enriching experience for all concerned.

E-mail: gershontsur@gmail.com
Telephone: +972-50-6856568
Facebook: Gershon Tsur – Luxury Furniture
HaSolelim, POB: 337, 17905, Israel

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