Tsur’s thorough knowledge of the international design scene is the result of maintaining personal connections with many of Europe’s elite brands during many many years. This enables him to exclusively import select furniture and accessories from Europe’s most prestigious houses such as: Ascension Latorre, Coleccion Alexandra, and Camus Collection, each of which is characterized by exceptional style and a faithful long-standing local tradition. These companies also locally produce meticulous handmade furniture affording careful attention to small, unique and personalized details.

Coleccion Alexandra

Coleccion Alexandra was founded by the interior designer Maria Jose Guinot, after more than 20 years of experience. Today, Mr. Johnny Ventura, CEO and owner of the company states that “Most classic styles can be mixed with the most modern and even with the most sophisticated eclectic style”.  The company designs and manufactures singular and exquisite hand-crafted furniture, decorative elements, textiles and lighting fixtures combined with advanced technology. Because of its  extensive experience the company can define concepts with integral design to create harmony and refinement. The products are bespoke and hand-made with premium materials to fully comply with client specifications.

Contrary to those who follow trends and who frequently replace furniture at home, Coleccion Alexandra manufactures furniture and accessories that will radiate and be relevant for years to come. The company sees the purchase of its products as a long-term investment.  Among the company’s most prominent products is a series of leather covered items, handcrafted using old techniques for binding ancient books. The Traveler series utilizes leather which undergoes a precise and striking etching process. The vast furniture collection is complemented by accessories, lighting fixtures and a plethora of rich textiles.

Ascension Latorre

The company believes in combining passion, effort, creativity and refinement. It consistently searches for novel solutions that create a natural ambience that is luxurious none the less.  The company was founded in 1959 in a small agricultural town near Valencia (Spain) by Ascensión Latorre.  The company began as a small business manufacturing chairs, and has developed into a large family business when the three sons joined their founding mother.

Each enriched the company with his special talents, remaining loyal to their mother’s design philosophy. Today, the third generation continues with the family’s rich tradition of producing furniture that is defined by romantic classism with a modern twist.

The ornate elegance of classic furniture receives a new interpretation as it reinterprets and adapts items to meet contemporary design concepts. All items are All items are bespoke and produced as per precise and detailed specifications. No shelf products exist. Each piece is a work of art, and stylistically the company is not afraid of the drama, the avant-garde or the unexpected. The company is looking to create furniture that reflects the specific nature of each client, that fulfils his distinct dream.  Materials, fabrics and leathers are carefully selected so that the final result makes an impressive statement.

Camus Collection

“Design is our passion and quality is our obsession”. This is how the four founding partners of Camus Collection describe their approach in striving to provide deepfelt emotional responses to their creations. The company’s designs are radiant, creative, imaginative and daring; they are striking personal statements that suit those who wish enhance their homes and lives with sparkle and originality. Camus furniture is based on original, high-quality handmade craftsmanship and provides added value to any space.

The Camus design is part furniture, part sculpture and beautifully enriches any interior with a touch of charm and personality. Designs are manufactured using the finest materials to last many years, the idea being that furniture is a form of long-term investment. The company believes that high-quality furniture accompanies clients throughout life, thus they strive to produce pieces that stand the test of time. Selecting Camus furniture guarantees a unique look that provokes discussion and thought.

Tsur’s customers include leading architects and designers, as well as private and corporate clients for whom we provide the perfect solutions to suit precise needs. Fittings and furnishings imported by the studio along with personal style combine culture, creativity, materials and textures that result in enduring classic design, the qualities of which will be integrated accurately in any space and which will enrich it  with a touch of international flavor.

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