The process of remodeling, construction and interior design involves substantial resources as well as decisions which consider many variables. Gershon Tsur’s studio with its vast experience in planning, designing, and importing exclusive high-end furniture along with Tsur’s long-term personal relationship with suppliers and professionals, enables exceptional service to a wide-ranging clientele.

Guidance to the public sector

We have experienced many situations where clients have had to compromise, or even give up on dreams because they came to us relatively late in the process of building or remodeling. It is important to retain the services of an interior designer from the earliest planning stage even prior to the actual purchasing of the space, as we can help in dealings with developers, brokers, contractors and professionals so that clients receive the exact desired result. This means that: the space has been precisely distributed as per the specific needs, a detailed set of plans has been prepared, the interior design is specific to the lifestyle, and more. To achieve a perfect result, many visual simulations throughout the actual process must be prepared to fully see and comprehend matters, so that a successful outcome is ensured.

Guidance to the professional sector

Following our extensive experience in building and remodeling it appears that the biggest concern that clients face is the suitability of a property to their precise needs. The requirements of a young couple starting out, or a family with young children, or a wiser retired couple, are not the same. Cooperation with you: contractors, developers and project managers can help us make the right decisions for our potential clients and can help them take full advantage of the property they are about to purchase.

The prestigious luxury furniture we import exclusively from Spain is intended for our projects, yet also for design enthusiasts and those who appreciate quality. We help clients choose suitable furniture and home accessories to create balance between imported and existing items. We also provide advice and guidance to interior designers and architects who wish to integrate items/products from the companies we represent in their projects. We can provide detailed presentations to you and your clientele.

You are welcome to contact us for further information regarding any project that you are about to undertake.


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