Flat in Haifa Renovation

The renovation of a residential apartment in Haifa, for an opinionated lady with extraordinary taste, who wished to remodel the apartment to suit her lifestyle, without major structural changes.
Although the apartment was refurbished approximately 7 years ago, the owner decided to make important changes to enable her to better host her children and grandchildren in an environment that felt good and warm and comfortable. In the existing space, and without breaking walls, we were able to create a functional pleasant kitchen, an inviting eating area, a great bedroom with a wide closet and a striking bathroom.
Delicate curtains were chosen, new light fixtures were added, and with the play of the various materials a warm monochromatic light was obtained.
Photography : ROEI HEN

I have known Gershon for many years. I contacted him so that he could help me rearrange and reorganize my apartment. Following our conversation, the small project became a serious renovation, although the apartment was remodeled 7 years ago. We did brand new wood flooring throughout the whole apartment, we repainted and redid the kitchen.

He created an amazing new space in the bathroom/shower, revamped my bedroom, and significantly increased storage space which had a significant impact on the apartment. He has fantastic taste, is a remarkable human being, there is no one like him! The process was perfect, we travelled together to wherever needed. He was always pleasant and provided immediate answers. And now, every time I open my door, my heart fills with joy.

את גרשון אני מכירה המון שנים מהעבודה. פניתי אליו כדי לסדר ולארגן את הדירה בה גרתי. בעקבות השיחה שלנו, הפרויקט הקטן הפך לשיפוץ רציני, יש לו טעם מדהים והוא אדם מדהים, אין עליו! התהליך היה מושלם, נסע איתי לאן שרק אפשר, תמיד היה נחמד ותמיד נתן מענה מיידי. כל פעם שאני פותחת את הדלת מתרחב לי הלב מחדש. זו התמצית.
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