Hotel Design Exhibition – BAIT & NOY

Marvel and awe behind two high green doors…
The space designed by interior decorators Eldad Mittleman Gershon Tsur for the Hotel Design Exhibition, sponsored by BAIT VENOY, takes guests to a place where fantasies do come true.
The astounding colors, textures and other elements create a wonderfully theatrical suite that guests will not want to leave.

The sensual elevated and floating bed stimulates the senses, while the transparent bathroom defuses any bashful and coy feeling .
The entrance to this wonderful wonderland is via two high doors covered in a green moss which provides the feeling of a trip to the heart of a mysterious forest.

The curious amongst us can have a look at the pavilion….

Telephone: +972-50-6856568
Facebook: Gershon Tsur – Luxury Furniture
HaSolelim, POB: 337, 17905, Israel

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