A private house, kibbutz in the north

A house in a kibbutz in the north that was carefully designed for the needs of a young couple + 2 children, which is the first house they are building.

Many years of acquaintance with the family led to a particularly fruitful, creative and enjoyable encounter.

The goal was to create an up-to-date, young, pleasant and eclectic look in a not particularly large space while making optimal use of each area.
The style is devoid of trendiness and was not subject to contemporary fashion dictates, a combination of old and new, between interior and courtyard, between modern and super classic.
Refined and monochromatic color.

The result reflects the character of the tenants and according to the customer:” I know the Gershon a lot
Years and it was the dream come true .. I feel like I’m always on vacation “..

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Telephone: +972-50-6856568
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HaSolelim, POB: 337, 17905, Israel

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